Gérald Genta - A Swiss Treasure

A summary of my evidence-based research to date into the origins of a curious watch that I purchased in November of 2022 for 2,761 Chf (~ US $3,000).

(84 pages)


K & D Staking Tools

Watchmaking tools and their uses.

(40 pages)


Master Watchmaking

Tools and Materials of the Trade

(58 pages)


Radium Timepiece Dose Modeling

Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education

(86 pages)


Isabelle Schluep Campo & Philipp Aerni

When corporatism leads to corporate governance failure

The case of the Swiss watch industry

(122 pages)


Pierre-Yves Donzé

A Business History of the Swatch Group

The Comeback of the Swiss Watch Industry on the World Market

(34 pages)

Thank you to Paul and Vladislav for emailing me the above tool guides!